How can I reach my ideal client?

You have spent the capital and developed the newest and the greatest product for today’s market. Perhaps you have even spent the time and resources to have alpha and beta field testing and research conducted of your product or service. Yet, when you introduced it to the

world your sales were less than ideal. Why is this? Everything seemed to be in place for success. It could be that you have a successful product design, but lack in the distribution and the strategies to distribute content. If you do not understand how to distribute content both traditionally and in today’s digital/tech savvy world, then your product is not apt to have success.

First things first

Before you start concerning yourself about distribution numbers, you should ask how you are distributing your content. Businesses in today’s world need to have an eshop to reach the maximum number of people. If you do not have an online store, this should be your first step.

Do you rely upon word of mouth?


Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is a great first step in getting a product distributed. When you purchase a product, the odds are great that you will discuss the matter with at least one other individual. Consequently, if you have purchased a product and have found it to be less than ideal, the likelihood of you telling about its faults to another individual is substantially great. Forbes stated that WOMM was the first form of social media and that it is “the most valuable form of marketing- the one that consumers trust above all others and the one that is most likely to drive sales for your company”.
Word of mouth marketing should focus on empowerment, engagement, and equipping the person to go and tell someone else. There should be an initiative for the person to share the products and the services you offer.

The modern day WOMM

Today, word of mouth happens online, via reviews and ratings that others can see and share. And though this is a bit misleading (as companies frequently employ writers to review their products), most people give credibility to those reviews which they see online, especially if the content is shared from a family member or a friend. This is where having an online presence not just on your website is important. Sharing good reviews and encouraging social interaction which can be moderated by the company is important. In today’s word of mouth, social media crazed world, it may be more fundamental than your traditional advertising.

Networking as a means of marketing research


Before you can successfully advertise to a targeted audience, you should network. Branch out from your website and use those sites which are known for their WOMM capabilities, for their analytical reviews. Networking will allow you to know what your targeted customers are spending their money and time on.

Should you rely upon local and traditional methods of advertisement?

From the positive side of things, you would want to market to the local community to boost your presence as a reputable business in that area. This would increase the foot traffic to your business, as well as build up the Word of mouth content from local consumers. Using Google local business is also a way to boost your SERPs which could help with your distribution.
I would venture to say that if you should make a decision between traditional marketing and digital marketing strategies, that you should use digital. Where there are many who rely upon printed newspapers, radio advertisements, and flyers, ten times as many have cell phones, smartphones, and online content that they check for products and services. Remember, if your online marketing is strong, then the WOMM will play to your localized advertising.

Don’t rush it

If you do not have the time to put into your distribution strategy, do not rush and try to get anything out there. This is like using a shotgun to try to hit a precision mark. While you may get a few desired clients here and there, most of the marketing will be too far out to have an effect and to bring in the sales that you need. Should you find that you need help in developing a distribution of products and services strategy contact Agence Lookiimobile professionals. The professionals at Agence will work with you to find the best solution to drive traffic to your eshop. If you do not have an eshop, don’t worry we can help you get started there as well. To boost your traffic and start seeing the distribution numbers you desire, click on the link below.

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