Killing your business with simplicity

Why having a mobile app is essential to business growth

Small businesses which have seen a lag in sales and in site visits should consider having a mobile application for their site. Mobile apps provide a quick way to access information and will help to engage the user and associate your site with the application

According to, 45% of mobile phone owners download social media apps. If you combine this with the recent study showing that there are 2,200,000 Apple Apps with 253.91 billion free apps (primarily Android) downloaded just this year, you can see that mobile apps play a vital role in a business.

Are you killing your business with simplicity?

Even though the numbers are there, you may be killing your business with a simplistic mindset. This mindset occurs when a small business rationalizes that because they are small they do not need to allocate funding to digital technologies. They rely upon word of mouth and static webpages to carry the business. Blogging, advertisements, and mobile websites are not things which are a priority. And here is where the error lays. Because more people have cellphones and smart devices, and because more people rely upon such as a primary source of information, it is vital that a small business utilize a mobile application to increase sales.

What is the difference between a hybrid and native application?

Native applications are those which are built with the language of the platform being used. This means that if you are building for and IOS then IOS language is used, if you are building for Android, then Android, and Java uses Java. The primary reason that you would want to have a native app is performance. Applications which are native tend to have the best performance as the code. Examples of a Native Applications would be Candy Cart, and Blog News.

Hybrids are different from Native applications primarily in the way in which they are constructed. Where the native application is based on the platform in which it was written, the hybrid is based upon HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. This coding is then combined with an application packaging program such as Unity or Cordova to produce the final output. The advantage of the hybrid is that you can develop your app quickly with a simpler interface. However, the downside is that the application depends on the native browser, meaning that the mobile device may run slower and use more data with a hybrid. An example of a hybrid application would be Flappy Birds.

Integrating applications into your business

There are two ways in which you can incorporate apps into your business. The first is to partner up with an application and offer your services through something which already exists. For example, if you are a publisher and wish to have people purchase your books digitally, you may want to put your writings on Barnes & Noble’s or Amazon’s site. Once approved, you could have the reader for each of these sites available on your mobile website to encourage users to view and purchase your content. The major drawback to this is that such apps tend to offer competitor’s services and goods as well which may not help in driving up your sales
Having an application dedicated to your business is the second option, and in my option the better solution. The application dedicates your products and services to the client. Be sure that when you develop an app that the focus is on user engagement and experience. If your app comes off as being a giant sales gimmick, it will quickly be deleted. Empower the person that downloads it, provide information, and then have a call to action at the end to drive the person to purchase.

 Should you invest in a mobile app for your business?

Yes, as more people are pulling away from viewing static pages and relying on mobile websites and apps, it is crucial that a business have a mobile application if they wish to stay afloat in 2017. The complexity of the application will depend upon your business, but you should have one in place.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry we have you covered

Building an effective app can be complicated. You have the data, the graphics, and the user experience to worry about, and if you do not know code or if you do not understand the guidelines of Android or IOS systems, it can be quite daunting. Agence Lookiimobile offers the solution. Our team of professionals will evaluate your needs and plan which best meets the demands of the business and the targeted clientele. To find out more about mobile app creation, or if you have questions regarding why you should have a mobile app, click on the link below.

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