Setting up your 2017 Goals for your e-shop

Business which have an e-shop established may find that their performances have not been to the expectations for sales and distribution in 2016. This may have been due to several reasons. Marketing, website design, improper allocation of funding, are just a few areas. This article is designed

to help e-shop business owners take their business one step further in 2017 to stay relevant. By understanding how you can bring in sales, boost leads, and increase traffic, you can be a spearhead within your industry.

Don’t see your e-shop as a window but as an establishment

When I think of online stores, there are two basic ideologies which come to mind. The first is the business which sees the e-store as a window or a way in which to bring customers to his or her business site/services. I would venture to say that this is an ineffective way in which to bring in customers. Think about it from a physical perspective. If you were to walk down the avenue and look within the window of various shops, would you purchase from each store? No. While this method does create an identification of your product and can bring people to purchase your goods, most people will look at the product and go “oh that is nice” and then move on. You must have a call to action. The shop needs to be established as a business establishment.

Businesses which have goals for making their e-shop an establishment in 2017 are more apt not to fall to the 5 key reasons why businesses fail. Your business will be treated as a physical entity rather than as a digital means to an end or an avenue to your main site. When this occurs, you will put more time and devotion into seeing that your target audience is reached and that marketing is oriented to boost sales.

Does your e-shop encourage interaction?

Even if your business is solely online, you may not have the site honed into the right strategies to boost your sales. Sites should be an evolution of design and marketing. What was trendy last year, will probably be out of fashion this year. You cannot create an e-shop and then let it sit and hope for the best. While you do not want to fundamentally change the layout of the design, you do need to evolve the site to have qualities of what is in demand. Additionally, your site should not just show products. Your e-shop should advise the purchaser on what he or she should purchase.

Is your business a lone wolf?

If you have an online business, then you probably understand the importance of having an online presence. Yet, just having an online store is not enough in today’s word to bring in customers. Shops, especially those which are online, should have interactions with social media and other sharable online avenues. Allow for your product pictures to be pinned on Pinterest or shared on Instagram. Product descriptions should be tagged for easy search ability on search engines. Owners of e-shops are strongly encouraged to have a blog, video, or other means of empowering the customer. Customers who feel that a business genuinely care about providing information and services which will empower the purchaser are more likely to purchase your products.

Are you pushing customers too hard?

Think of what drives you to make a purchase in a physical store. Are you attracted to a store which has an agglomeration of products with no service, or does the shop which has a specialized nook of goods with strong customer support appeal to you? Most people will visit a site which has reputable online customer service (meaning that you have someone online to answer product questions and concerns) and a limited number of products and services with detailed information. Per entrepreneur, they found that “offering fewer products in one place with more copy describing those products always translates into higher sales”

The importance of goal setting

Setting goals for 2017 will keep your business on a targeted path. If your e-shop has a goal in which to strive for, you will be more empowered to focus on strategies which will help you meet that goal. Should you find that your goals are a bit daunting, or if you do not know where to start, Agence Lookiimobile may be able to help you. With a team of professionals at hand, your site will be evaluated and a plan to help you boost your sales will be provided. The professionals will then work closely with you to help insure that your goals become a reality. If you want your site to be relevant in 2017 and need help with your goals, click the link below.

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