Fundamentals of Selling online: What you need to know

Tips, mistakes, and the best practices for an e-commerce site

Global online retail e-commerce sites accounted for $1,212.5 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2016, states a report issued by the US census government. This amounts to every person in the world, all 7.4 billion of us including babies, spending an average of $164

billion dollars for that quarter. Clearly, e-commerce sites and eshop sites have found their place within the corporate world. This raises the question, “where does the small business fit into the mix?”. Per a report by FBS, small businesses make up over 90% of the private sector businesses in the UK. However, in a recent study by it was reported that an outstanding 60% of small businesses with 5 or less employees do not see themselves moving forward in digital marketing, but expect substantial growth. This is a contradiction for the business. In today’s world, you must have a website if you want to survive. But even if you have an eshop or ecommerce site, you must have one which is effective. Here are the fundamentals of selling online if you want your business to succeed. We start by asking:

What your customers are looking for when they come to your eshop?

An e-commerce site is more than just pushing product out the door. I have found that when I go to an online shop, I want to have a similar experience as I have when I go to a physical store. This means that there has to be an ease to the browsing, no pressure to purchase now, there must be a wide selection of items, and if I have a question there needs to be someone to answer it quickly. Search Engine Journal agrees stating that a site should have ease of use, high resolution photos and video, be mobile friendly, and be social proof.

Even if your site is not selling a physical product but a service, it is important to understand what your clients are looking for and target your page to meet the need. In most cases, your clients are not looking for a product, but for a solution to a problem. Yes, the answer may involve your product, but if no solution is given, you will not see the sales you desire.

How should you drive traffic to your site? SEO vs. Ads

When you think about setting up your site, you may think that having ads and banners is the way to go. There is just one problem really with this thought process. Where are you going to place the ads? You could go with advertisements on Facebook or with AdSense, but let us be realistic when accessing the success of these ads. How many have you clicked on and purchased an item from? I would say few if not none. Therefore, the obvious answer is to have great SEO on your site. For small businesses, SEO may be a confusing part of gaining leads and sales, primarily because the owner may not understand what SEO entails.
SEO is all the searchable materials which are on a site. It is the pictures, the keywords, the tags, the organic content, etc. Everything about the eshop which a person may search out is part of the SEO. The better your SEO the higher your SERPs (search engine result pages) will be.

Where should you advertise?

Of course, you must put advertisement on the web. With millions of sites, and more being added to the internet daily, you cannot rely upon word of mouth or someone stumbling upon your page. Place adds in places where your targeted audience will find them. This means use social media (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter) and post blogs. Yes, you can also have banners and AdWords advertisement, but your primary focus should be in high traffic areas.

Are you using your customers to boost sales?

Apart from having leads, your business will succeed or fail based upon the loyalty of your customers. Rewards programs for referrals is a great way to boost the loyalty while at the same time bringing in new clients. Provide incentives for the customer to stay with you and not go to another competitor, and provide the means in which to share and refer other customers to your site, and you are more apt to see an increase in traffic.

Do you need help with your eshop/e-commerce site?

If you have looked at your site and realize that it falls short of the needs and demands of today’s market, then you may need to either re-build or update the site. This is time consuming for any business owner. Small businesses, generally, cannot stop daily practices to do such. Hiring a professional like Agence Lookiimobile minimizes frustrations, maximizes the effectiveness of your site, and ensures that you have the SEO and sales strategies in place to get more customers. To explore the best options for your business, click the link below.

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