Will your business go digital in 2017?

Is your small company in need of a digital strategy?

For the last ten years, small and medium-sized businesses have started their digital transformation more slowly compared to big companies and start-ups. Even though the majority of small business owners have embraced computer and smartphone technologies, their engagement has been largely directed towards email, search and social media. Today small businesses still rely primarily on traditional forms of

advertising including the all-important word of mouth recommendations. When asked, the majority would love to add a digital component to their business, to help it grow, serve their customers differently or upgrade your image. However they quickly ask themselves these questions:

What should I do? How would I do it? How much would it cost me?

Then after doing some research about digital transformation, they get even more confused by the jargon.

What is a responsive website? What is a hybrid app? What is SEO? How do traffic build? What is internet marketing? What is viral marketing?

So where can a small company with no digital resources start?

Where should you start?

Start by asking yourself where you want to go with your business online.

Do you run a successful business that relies mainly on word of mouth and want to find new leads online?

Do you want to sell online?

Do you want to engage your customers with a mobile application that will deliver them with recurrent information?

Depending on how you answer that question, you will have different options. In our next article, we will review different options and strategies.

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